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ZYIA Review: Unicorn Luxe Set

The elusive, pearly-white sheen of these iridescent leggings is almost as fascinating as the creature that inspired them. Turn this way or that—their sheen constantly changes and shows hints of pink, purple, and teal. No matter how you pair these, your outfit will be unique and eye-catching.

Now, if you're a fan of our Luxe leggings because they feel barely bare, buttery soft, and have a smooth, lay flat infinity waistband... I'm sorry the Unicorn Luxe aren't that. The metallic sheen printed over the white fabric does make these leggings feel thicker than our normal Luxe material, and there IS a waistband seam. However, for Team Light n Tight, these are a win. In fact, I would have believed these were Unicorn Light n Tights over Luxe if I didn't already know. (Psst -- Don't speak ZYIA? I break down the different fabric types here)

Don't let that scare you though! The high-rise waistband creates a sleek silhouette and a secure feeling that holds you in without holding you back, and I feel the metallic sheen overlay actually helps to hide cellulite. Side note, these are still WHITE leggings... so nude undies only!

Despite what the website's product description may say, I don't recommend sizing down, in fact, I sized up to get more coverage.

  • High rise waistband stays put and flatters your core.

  • Stash pocket in back of waistband.

  • Four-way stretch fabric offers adaptability that supports your every move.

  • Moderately compressive for a secure feeling.

  • Superior wicking keeps you cool and dry.

  • Inseam for all sizes is 24".

  • True to size, or size up for a less snug fit

  • Fabric: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex.

Break out the muscle tanks, because we've also got a matching Unicorn bra, and a bra this dazzling shouldn’t be hidden under layers! Criss-cross straps create a racerback design that won't slip off your shoulders while a two-inch bottom band delivers support that won’t pinch, roll, or chafe. Smaller cup sizes can probably get medium to high support from this bra, but for C-D+ it's a lower support bra. It will be great for low impact workouts or casual wear

  • Fully lined for comfort and superior sweat-wicking.

  • Removable cups for a custom look and easier laundering.

  • Criss-cross racerback straps.

  • Fits true to size.

  • Fabric: 70% Nylon, 30% Spandex.

Overall, this set gets a 10/10 on the glam factor alone.

If you're looking for more athletic functionality, still grab the leggings, but pair them with one of our All Star Bras instead.

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댓글 2개

Jennifer Phillips
Jennifer Phillips
2021년 6월 05일

🌺I'm curious to know how these hold up with real workouts, lifting, running (minimum of 5K a day), stretch, spinning, yoga... How do they handle Chub Rub around the thighs? They are stunning and I'd love to invest, but I'd hate for them to "wear out and have the fun iridescent color" rub off on areas that my Mom Bod is a work in progress.🌺

Active Gear Life
Active Gear Life
2021년 6월 05일
답글 상대:

Hi Jennifer! Since writing this, I have worn these Unicorn leggings for lifting and yoga and they have held up great! I haven’t worn them for running because 1) they do feel a bit thicker and therefore warmer because of the iridescent overlay, and 2) I’m team Pocket Light n Tights for running!

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