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ZYIA Goes Green! More about our new Eco-friendly active gear:

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

On Wednesday, March 4th, ZYIA released it's first Eco-friendly products made from recycled plastic bottles. How exciting is that?!

This is after an announcement in January that ZYIA would be moving to paperless order receipts and effectively eliminating the need for four thousand reams of paper in 2020. That's about as much paper as you could cram into an entire garage!

The first is one I know that I've been waiting for for a long time! It's been over a year since we've had a basic black pocket capri (my favorite length!) in stock, so I was so excited to see the Black Pocket Light n Tight Hi-Rise Capri 20" RC released.

Just like our other Light n Tights, these have a high compressive waist that stays put—even when you run or jump.

The only thing better than pulling on these classic black capris is knowing that when you do, you're supporting sustainable garment manufacturing. They have an identical fabric composition to the original light n tight fabric—only how we source the raw materials has changed. These capris are made from recycled water bottles but offer the same soft and compressive performance.

One of my favorite bras also released in a brand new gorgeous pewter-grey color! Who knew old water bottles could be so soft and supportive?

I personally think the Pewter All Star RC feels even softer than the other colors, but it performed just the same as I would expect! I tested it out in Turbo Kick and is was plenty supportive for jumping rope and burpees! Plus, it's always nice to have a neutral color option besides black or white.

A customer favorite, the Bomber bra is now better than ever, because it’s also now made from sustainably sourced fibers.

You’ll enjoy the same ultra-soft support and performance as always, but the fibers of the Purple Bomber Bra RC are milled from recycled water bottles. Our bomber offers a beautiful blend of form and function with all-day support without any hardware. The bomber is my go to lifting or yoga bra, as it offers medium support for C/D cup and up. Smaller cup sizes may find it even more supportive.

They should have named this the Impossible Shirt, because it’s so hard to believe a T this soft started life as a crinkly water bottle. The Men's Stripe Club House T RC just dropped in both White and Navy and Red and Navy. Not only does this shirt offer generous stretch and powerful sweat-wicking performance, but the strategic design also helps visually broaden your chest and narrow your waist.

The last thing you want to consider when you’re in face down in Child’s Pose is whether your yoga mat contains unfriendly chemicals. This eco-friendly Green Eco Yoga Mat isn’t just better for you—because it’s PVC and Latex-free—it’s better for our planet. Made to be completely compost-able, it will deliver years of faithful service. But, when it finds its way to a landfill, it will naturally break down and decompose instead of hanging around for a few millennia. No special care is needed. Wipe it clean and store it dry and out of direct sunlight just as you would any other mat.

We also got a sneak peak of this Purple Long Sleeve Chill T at our semi-annual summit, where attending reps got to take one home before it released! How exciting is that?! We'll be sure to share the link here when it becomes available to all customers!

Looking for more eco-friendly ZYIA? Look for this recycled/ZYIA moon icon in the description . This mark indicates that the sourced materials are made from recycled products.

Black Light n Tight Mid Rise 7/8 24" RC - A mid-rise version of our most popular leggings, this high-performance design not only offers firm, supportive compression—it does it with recycled fibers. Meet the leggings that can do great things for your silhouette, your workout, and your planet. They're just as soft and durable as our original Light n Tights, but with less environmental impact.

Green Eco Hiking T - Made by nature, for nature--this top is the breathable, soft cotton hiking shirt you've been waiting for. Best of all, we colored it this lovely shade of mossy green using only plant-based, natural dyes. You'll love the super-soft prewashed feel and relaxed cut, as well as the feminine swoop of its lower-hip hemline. The long length pairs beautifully with leggings so you're always trail-ready.

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