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ZYIA Leggings Review: Light n' Tight Pocket Leggings

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if your leggings aren't squat-proof and sweat-proof, I don't have room in my closet for them. It's for this reason that I feel like these Light n' Tight ZYIA leggings have earned themselves a review.

These capris are some of the first ZYIA activewear products I tried on, and I was stunned at how many things they have going for them. But let's talk about one of the most important elements, which is:


Look at this:

The ZYIA leggings have pockets for your phone, pockets for your wallet, pockets for your chapstick on a long run. Okay, now that I've said my piece on pockets, let's get into the meat of this. Here's what these leggings have going on.

1. Compression - If you've never worked out in pants that have this much compression, you're going to be surprised at how amazing your legs feel during your workout. If you've never seen yourself in pants that have this much compression, you're going to be surprised at how great your legs look during your workout. It's a win-win.

2. Capri length - For my shorter ladies, the 20" inseam of capri length is ideal. Depending on your leg length, the inseam should hit you either right above the ankle or right below the calf. Of course, these also come in crop, 7/8, and full length, so keep a lookout for that when you order a pair! You can read more about our inseams here.

3. High waist - I've had pants that compress my waist at exactly the wrong spot, but these create a smoother and more flattering silhouette than any of my other workout pants.

4. Workout-proof - This includes the time-old tests of squats and sweat. I have enough to worry about during a workout that doesn't include "can everyone see my undies?" They can also hang during HIIT workouts without needing to be tugged or pulled up.

5. Variety - Like the simple black? Wild colors? There are all sorts of these for you. Below are just a few of them!

In my opinion, the leggings are best for:

- Running (compression AND pockets, hello!)

- Any group exercise classes. They will stay put and you won't need to adjust at all.

- Shopping and running errands (did I mention the pockets?)

Final review: 11/10 stars

These come in non-pocketed styles, too! Check out the full Light n Tight line.

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