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ZYIA Activewear Review: Mesh Tanks

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Because I'm a fitness instructor, my tops have to get me through a lot. I might be teaching a HIIT class one day and yoga the next, and as much as I would love to, I can't just buy a new top for every single class.

This is why I love the ZYIA activewear mesh tank so much. They can be worn in a few ways, from more fitted to more flowy, and they are ventilated, so I don't worry about my sweat soaking through mid-workout. They come in a range of colors, and they're seriously SO versatile that I can create a ton of looks just with a few shirts!

This shirt runs true to size, and will naturally have a free-flowing fit because it's made to be able to tie it up in the back for a more form-fitting wear (incidentally, that also keeps it from falling down my torso when I'm in downward dog).

In summary, I love these shirts because:

- They're light and breathable

- They have a high neckline, so I don't have to worry about cleavage when I'm hanging out in plank

- The optional tie-up back can help the top be either more fitted or left loose

One thing that I really like about these tops is that they have the keyhole back. It's no secret that I buy a ton of cute bras from ZYIA, so this allows me to incorporate them more into my outfits!

Now, if I were to change something about this shirt, my only request would be more colors! I really need this tank in a good red or royal blue...

Overall, I recommend this top for everything, from low-impact to high-sweat workouts including yoga, running, HIIT, or even just running errands.

Overall rating: 10/10

Shop the looks:

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