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ZYIA Activewear Review: Luxe Strappy Bra

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Is this the cutest workout bra ever? If not, it's got to be close to the top. The ZYIA Luxe Strappy Bra is perfect for showing off your style, whether you're doing yoga or running errands on a busy weekend.

The inner layer of the bra is purple gray with cute polka dot mesh at the top. The outer layer is white with a gray wee-stripe pattern. The criss-cross strappy back has both colors, and are my favorite part of this bra. You can layer this ZYIA bra under the twist back tanks, mesh tanks, or the Namaste long-sleeve shirt.

Now for the warning label: This bra is seriously low impact, so it's really best for yoga, running errands, relaxing, or other low impact activity. You would have to be very brave to try to do any medium impact activity, and I definitely do not recommend it for high impact activity. But that's the only maaaaybe downside I've found for this! The bottom of the band is wide (1.5") and comfortable, and it stays in place without digging into you and creating unsightly lines.

One note is that the bra also has removable cups, for those who are afraid of the "smuggling raisins" look during your workout (or during your lounging). Like the other ZYIA bras, these are easy to remove so this gear is easy to wash.

The bottom line here is: if you're looking for a cute, low-impact bra (and who isn't), you will want this one. I've been impressed with the comfort level and have gotten so many compliments on it when I've worn it! Check it out: Luxe Strappy Bra in gray, or Luxe Strappy Bra in Sage

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