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ZYIA Review: Mesh Adjustable Medium to High Impact Bra

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Hey, guys! So, I wanted to do a quick review on the new adjustable mesh bra from ZYIA. I don't know why they didn't call this the 2-in-1 bra, because it totally is!

I've worn this both while running AND to OrangeTheory workouts, and it's so good with high impact that I think it might give the All-Star Bra a run for its money. That's because of its great adjustable back, seen below. You can wear it with straps wide for a medium impact option, or with the straps hooked in a racerback position for a high impact bra.

Another thing I like about this bra is that it provides plenty of coverage without coming up as high as the All-Star bra, and the mesh keeps you nice and cool during those workout where you need it.

Aaaaand, it comes in Forest Camo as well as classic black!

So far, I've worn my adjustable mesh bra for the following:

- On walks

- On runs

- OrangeTheory Fitness

- The pool (don't judge)

- Running errands

It really is becoming my go-to for so much! We recommend sizing down one size from your standard size or from your All Star Bra size. One note is that I've noticed that the black does fit a little bit tighter than the turquoise, but because of the adjustable strap situation, you can really make it as tight or as loose as you need to. I don't think it's tight enough to have to size up--just be aware when you order.

Take a look at ZYIA's newest high-impact bras here:

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