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ZYIA Leggings Review: Flame 7/8 Light n' Tight Leggings (Canyon Rose and Plum Slate)

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

I want to cover some of the newest ZYIA activewear products today: the Flame leggings! Now, in general, I love the ZYIA Light n' Tight leggings because my leggings have to be:

- Comfortable

- Squat-proof

- Sweat-proof

So, I was interested to try these out, especially since the colors are so light. If you haven't seen them yet, here are some of the company images of them:

I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous colors and the soft (I mean soooooft) fabric, but I also know that in my active lifestyle, these have to hold up without showing off my, well, you know. Plus that laser cut detail along the leg adds just enough flair without being over the top.

The next test: My kinesiology tape, which is a super bright blue, that I'm wearing right now on my knee.

Nothing to see here! Not a bit of blue shows through.

These leggings so far have passed the comfy and the see-through tests. Like other Light n' Tights, they're extremely compressive, so if you're between sizes, I would recommend choosing the larger size. With that said, they ARE true to size.

I love the 7/8 leggings because they really fit any leg length. If you're under 5'4, the 7/8 length will probably fall right around your ankle like a regular pair of tights would, and if you're taller, they should fall just above the ankle.

I'm 5'7" and the flames hit just above my ankle.

These are soft enough to lounge in, and have enough compression to boost a workout. If I could change one thing about these tights, I would wish they were a little darker to hide any mid-workout sweat spots. If you're sweaty like I always am in a cardio class, just a word of caution that these are not 100% sweat-proof. The good news is they are super fast drying, so even if they show a little sweat, it'll disappear before you're finished with your cool down. If that's a deal breaker for you, go with the classic black.

All evidence of sweat disappeared before even leaving the group ex studio.

I'd recommend these Canyon Rose and Plum Slate Flames for

- Any type of workout if you're a non-sweater or if you don't care if people know you sweat (that's me.)

- Low impact workouts like yoga or walking if you get super sweaty and don't want it to show.

- Lounge wear or running errands

Final review: 8/10 stars purely for the visible sweat factor. They are great as usual in all other aspects.

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