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How to Create your runDisney Princess Costume

Did you know only four Disney Princesses have worn pants? Jasmine was the first to wear her billowy turquoise pants in Aladdin in 1992. In 1998 Mulan wears pants when she's disguised as Fa Ping.

Now some may say that -really- only two princesses have worn pants, because it's not until 2019 when Anna and Elsa wear pants in Frozen II that we see them on a princess again. However 1) they are technically considered Queens by the end of the movie, and 2) Anna and Elsa are not officially part of the Disney Princess brand because the Frozen franchise is large enough to be considered it's own. If we're reaching outside of Disney Royalty, you may have also noticed that in Toy Story 4, Bo Peep also ditched her hoop skirt and dress for full range of motion! Why is this important? Because no one wants to run a race in a full ball gown! As much as I like to have an authentic costume for Halloween, it just isn't practical when you're running a 5k, 10k, half- or marathon. But it is super simple to build your favorite Disney Princess costume from activewear that is specifically made for performance and function! Step 1: Start with Function

Most of us ladies run in a sports bra, shorts or leggings, and a shirt of some sort. Start with a bra designed for high impact activity and a proper fit for your cup size.

Then choose leggings or shorts that fit properly, meaning they shouldn't ride up or slide down, shouldn't cause chafing, should wick sweat and help regulate your temperature.

The same applies to shirts and tanks, but also consider the outdoor temperature, and if you need protection from wind, rain, or the sun.

Side note: You may say, Lauren, if you're running in Florida, why do you have a sweatshirt in the line up? Well friends, it's cold in Florida at 3am in February to this Arkansas girl, and sometimes (cough cough, 2020 Princess 10k) it's very cold and windy for the entire race.

On the flip side, the very next day can be hot, and you may decide to run in your sports bra. Be prepared for both when designing your running costume. If you choose to not wear a shirt, you do you, boo! Step 2: Choose your Color Scheme

This is where it gets fun! Choosing colors based on your favorite Princess's gowns or film scenes lets your creativity fly (you can fly, you can fly, you can fly!) Here are some of my favorite examples:

You'll want to make these greens, teals, and purples part of your world to pull off a Little Mermaid vibe!

Belle is my favorite princess, and the great thing is that it is so easy to create TWO Belle looks with your activewear. Choose blue, navy, and white if you're looking for more than this provincial life. Or go with yellows and golds for a tale as old as time!

Take your look to a whole new world with shining, shimmering, splendid shades of sky blue and turquoise to channel your inner Princess Jasmine.

Let's get down to business, to defeat the Huns!

ZYIA can help you be swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the little crescent moon logo, and you'll look and feel great doing it!

There are a lot of options for a Mulan inspired look, but her scenes saving the emperor are some of my favorites.

Dreams do come true down in New Orleans!

Pair various shades of green together and you're almost there for a Tiana inspired look that could rival any Mardi Gras queen!

You'll be ready for puzzles and darts and baking, paper mache, a bit of ballet and chess, and anything thing else that comes your way in pink and light purple activewear looks inspired by Rapunzel herself!

The cold will never bother you anyway with these Elsa inspired looks! Pair white and turquoise for a classic ice queen color scheme.

Trust and believe it, you'll see that we'll lead the way

I haven't watched all of Raya and the Last Dragon yet, but I get this song stuck in my head all the time! Have you watched it? Are your littles obsessed with Raya?

I have a feeling Raya will be a popular Halloween costume this year, and you can be ahead of the game by using some activewear pieces you already own (or you can snag them now and they can pull double duty!)

As you can see, a quick color scheme check allows you to shop your closet for what activewear you may already own, and then buy one or two pieces to complete your look.

Step 3: Add Accessories!

Pull your whole look together with the help of some accessories. Add in some jewelry or a scrunchie, or make an easy tutu from a piece of elastic and a few rolls of tulle. There are tons of headbands, sparkle skirts, Ears, and tiaras out there to complete your outfit if you're not the crafting type.

My one piece of advice? Test it out at least once before race day! Nothing's worse than finding out at mile 4 that your tutu is a little too big, or that those earrings feel like they weigh five pounds half-way through the event!

Step 4: Have fun with it!

I honestly believe creating a costume and seeing everyone else's costumes are the best parts of any runDisney event! Have some fun, take lots of photos, and don't forget to pose for the PhotoPass!

Not into princesses? The same rules can apply to any costume! Note: Some of the items featured in this article may sell out. You can always see current inventory here and use the search feature to find specific colors or styles.

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