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Become a ZYIA Active Representative in Canada!

Updated: Jan 24

Not based in Canada? Visit our pages for Australia info and US info!

What is ZYIA?

ZYIA Active is a lifestyle brand for an active life. But we don't just mean for the gym! While we started as a company that wanted to make your workouts more enjoyable with clothing designed for activity and comfort, over the past five years we have branched out to more casual work wear, lounge wear, swim, and men's and kid's lines, too. At our core, we still believe that activity is an important part of life, whether that's a traditional workout, a hike outside, playing with your children, or traveling.

Fun fact, ZYIA is also made by women for women. We believe that your clothes should not only hold up to whatever workout you're doing, but that the active gear life should be about empowering one another and uplifting one another through activity and community. We also launched to our Canadian markets in January 2019!

What makes ZYIA's clothes so special?

While you have many options when it comes to purchasing clothing, ZYIA's mission is to provide high-quality activewear that will last, but also at a more affordable price point than other leading brands.

Most of our products incorporate four-way stretch and strategically placed seams so you can lunge, jump, squat, and bend without being restricted or worrying about your gear. We also use moisture wicking fabrics and strategic ventilation to keep you cool.

And at ZYIA, we also stand behind our quality. We have a one-year warranty against defects as part of our Blue Moon Guarantee.

Innovation doesn't just stop at our designs. ZYIA also aims to make our clothing more sustainable. From plant-based and recycled fibers to compostable packaging, we want to make sure our clothing is as good for the planet as it is for your gym session.

How do I buy ZYIA?

ZYIA is available for purchase online and is shipped directly to you!

And don't forget to keep checking back, we launch new items every week at 11am MST on Wednesdays for our Canadian market!

Use this size guide to determine your best fit:

Can I sell ZYIA?

Well, YES!

Chances are good that your first exposure to ZYIA began when you admired something a friend was wearing, saw an Instagram post, or were invited to a party. If you have already started wearing some ZYIA pieces, you may even have noticed the compliments and questions beginning. One of the best parts of the ZYIA opportunity is how seamlessly it folds into your active lifestyle. Not only do the clothes start conversations effortlessly, but they also tie in perfectly with the lifestyle goals most of us already share—to be more active and more social.

The best part is you can run your ZYIA business your way. Most ZYIA reps use some combination of social media, word of mouth, online and/or in-home parties, and pop-up events, but the possibilities are endless. Plus, with your ZYIA website, you can take orders 24/7, nationwide.

But to maximize the ZYIA opportunity for yourself, let’s dive into the nuances:

Why the Network Marketing model?

Rather than sell ZYIA clothing brick-and-mortar stores, ZYIA has Independent Representatives who help share and promote the ZYIA product line. This allows the company to not only reduce carbon emissions, but money can go directly to the representatives rather than overhead costs for physical retail locations and advertising.

While at ZYIA Active we do believe that you have to work for what you want, we also believe that work should be fun and immensely rewarding. Our pay plan was created with a few goals in mind. Most importantly, we wanted to create a plan that gave the most financial success possible to those representatives who are sharing the ZYIA message and brand.

The base commission for ZYIA representatives is 20%. We also offer a 8% commission override bonus for reps with over $1,000 in sales for the month.

We also wanted to help somebody who is brand new to this type of business be successful. We made it simple and based on teamwork. When somebody new comes into the business their sponsor wants to help and train them to be successful.

We also put an emphasis on fun because we believe that we work harder when we are having fun. That is why there are always promotions based around fun retreats and trips. We have two annual retreats and our recent past trips have included Riviera Maya, Cancún, Thailand, and Hawaii! We also frequently run rep promotions with opportunity to earn pre-released items, bonuses, and gifts for rank advancing.

So what do I get when I join?

When you enroll as a ZYIA Representative, you'll receive our Enrollment Kit. We currently have a few options to fit your personal style and budget:

First, we have the Mini-Kit. It contains four of our best-selling staple items to help you build your wardrobe at a discount. These items may change frequently based on size availability and popularity. However these items will typically consist of a legging, a bra, a top, and a jogger or sweatshirt. You also receive a $65 gift card to use on any items of your choice.

Option two is the Bonus Starter Kit. This kit contains eight seasonal staple items, usually consisting of a legging, a jogger, tops, a bra, socks, and accessories such as a hat or bag.

The Bonus kit includes a $130 gift card to use on any items of your choice.

Your enrollment kit also includes $50 in business tools such as catalogs, order forms, and brochures, as well as two months of your website fee included.

Other perks include:

  • Corporate Training

  • an Upline Mentor to help you get started and guide you

  • 25% Discount on Product

  • Incentives, Trips & Rewards

  • Recognition

  • 20-25% base commission on sales

What is the cost to enroll?

Having two enrollment kit options allows you to choose one that fits your budget. The Mini Starter kit costs $192. The Bonus Starter Kit costs $384.

After your two free months, the website fee is $15 per month. This fee is waived if you achieve $600 in sales for the month.

Have more questions? Email and we'd be happy to chat!

Wait, who are you?

Hi, my name is Lauren and I'm the ZYIA rep behind the Active Gear Life!

After working in the fitness industry for years, I partnered with ZYIA in July of 2018 to solve my own active wear problem. I was looking for affordable workout clothes, but didn't want to sacrifice quality for a lower cost. I was introduced to this brand by another fitness instructor colleague of mine, and have been hooked ever since.

Since then, I’ve left my corporate wellness job and work from home as a Digital Branding Wizard of sorts and a ZYIA Rep. I’m also a dog mom to Bassett Hound Crockett, and pit bulls Penny and Petunia, and am bossed around daily by our cats Peach, Daisy, Batman, and Selena. I love to travel (especially to Disney World!) and I enjoy hiking, so being in the Arkansas, USA (also nicknamed the Natural State) and so close to the Ozarks, there’s plenty of opportunity for it!

Workout-wise, I love a little bit of everything and still teach occasionally in my VIP group, but I am new to running as my latest obsession. I completed my first half-marathon at Disney in November 2019, and my first endurance challenge (a 5k, 10k, and Half on consecutive days) in 2021.

Join my VIP Group for the inside scoop:

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