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ZYIA Review: Light n Tight Pocket Hustle Spandex Shorts

These Light n Tight Pocket Hustle ZYIA Shorts might be your new best friend. I have never been a workout-in-shorts kind of girl, so I was hesitant to even order these, but couldn't resist that floral pattern. Once I tried them on, I was SOLD. So much so, that I have both pairs and wear these ZYIA shorts weekly.

Here's a rundown of the basics:

  • Same material and waist band as the Light n Tights.

  • The pocket is a little smaller than capris because of the shorter leg length. It's still large enough to hold your phone or keys.

  • Inseam is longer than the Tuff shorts! Not only does this give more coverage, but helps them stay in place a little better.

  • These do run small, so I recommend sizing UP one from your normal printed leggings size, or UP two sizes from your solid color leggings size. I normally wear mediums in solid-color Light n Tights, large in the patterns, and went with an XL in the Floral and the Black Hustle Shorts.

Once I got them in, I needed to put them to the test. My first trial was to try these out in a yoga class at SCW Mania in Orlando. Wearing shorts in a yoga class was already out of my comfort zone, but after one hour of yoga, I only experienced a little bit of rolling on my right leg. I was pretty satisfied with that considering we did pigeon pose and a lot of knee to elbow variations.

Alright, after one hour of yoga, I had this much of roll up on the right leg (why just the right? Idk 🤷🏻‍♀️.)

Next up, I wore them to an AquaHIIT class (think single leg tuck jumps and kickboxing in the water) and let me say I recommend these 1000% for water aerobics. They stayed perfectly in place, no adjustment necessary. If you've ever attempted to jump around in the pool, you know the struggle.

I think the best part though is how fast they dried! Nothing is worse than trying to wiggle back into a cold, still wet swimsuit. After my first aqua workout of the day, I hung up my Calia swim top and my hustle shorts back in the hotel.

I was so impressed the the shorts were completely dry within two hours when I came back to get ready for my last session. So of course I put them back on and headed back to the pool for another workout.

Perfect for lounging by the pool after a long day of learning at SCW Mania!

Since then I've also tested them for running, lifting, and even Disney World! For both a 1 mile run and two days of park hopping, the shorts held up surprisingly well. After the rolling I experienced in Yoga I thought for sure that it would happen climbing in and out of ride cars, but it didn't! No rolling or riding up at all. Plus, the pocket was convenient for stashing my phone when I didn't want to carry it.

It’s proven that the hustle pocket shorts help you lift more. @ Disney's Hollywood Studios

I've put these shorts through all the tests and here's my verdict:

  • Perfect for all day wear, aquatic sports, water aerobics, swim wear, and running.

  • Okay for weight lifting and yoga (do expect slight rolling if you are doing a lot of movement.)

For all my triathletes and aqua instructors, you NEED these ZYIA shorts. They hold up to a variety of workouts, dry fast, and could even hold your mic pack if necessary.

Get yours here:

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