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Active Gear for a self proclaimed run-hater...

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

I never considered myself "a runner." Most days I still don't. Those who know me best know my love for the group exercise studio. I'm motivated by the music, the choreography, that energy from a bunch of people sweating together. So you can see why the repetitive, "solo" act of running was not appealing to me. But I have learned to enjoy it. It just took a friend planting that "I think you could do it" seed last fall, and then agreeing to run the runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon with me to make me stop being a self-proclaimed run-hater and hit the road. Now I've got my first 10k under by belt, and am training to do 13.1 this November! I've got to give props to ZYIA for helping make this journey to become a runner a little easier on me, and with #globalrunningday coming up, I wanted to share my new running favorites with you: Light N Tight Pocket Capris - My favorite compression tights for class already had pockets, so they transitioned to my new favorite running pants. I always loved that I didn't need to pull these pants up during my HIIT workouts, and they stayed true for running too! Aside from not needing to pull them up every mile, they. have. pockets. The pockets are large enough to hold my phone, and there's a waist band key pocket too.

Copper Charged Tanks - These tanks are made for ventilation, and have copper thread woven in to prevent the fitness funk... (You know that smell workout clothes get when they've been sweaty for too long... yuck.) My go to is the black, but I went with the red to complete my outfit for the DC Wonder Woman 10K Run in May. It also comes in six other colors (white, hot pink, turquoise, poppy, fog, and navy.)

All Star Bra - This bra is the same kind I wear for kickboxing and plyometric workouts, so it is my go to for runs. It's made for high-impact exercise and is the highest support bra we have. Plus the mesh front and back means extra ventilation for those summer runs, and no chafing! Bonus: I know it's anything but cold right now, but the Performance Long Sleeve T is my favorite cool weather layering piece!

Let me know what your favorite ZYIA gear is on your run!

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